Cost of Arm Lift

Arm Lift Cost

The cost of performing Arm Lift surgery is approximately $7,000 with top hospital cover. Without fund cover, the prices increase by about $4,000. Ask your Brisbane Arm Lift surgeon whether their quote includes surgeon’s fees, assistant surgeon fees, anaesthetist’s fees, hospital, operation theatre and all follow up visits.

Arm Lift Operation

The procedure involves making an incision that runs from your elbow to your armpit. Your surgeon trims the excess kin and stitches the wound together. If considered safe, they may also carry out liposuction to eliminate any excess fat from your arm.

The surgeon cannot remove too much skin or pull the skin back too tightly as this may cause circulation problems. The amount of skin removed will always be moderate.

As for the scar, unfortunately, arm lift scarring cannot be hidden. Unlike other procedures such as breast enlargement or facelifts, a brachioplasty scar is not inconspicuous. However, for persons with severely sagging skin, this drawback is deemed an acceptable result for the enhanced look.

Arm Lift Recovery Process

When you wake up from the operation, your arms will be bandaged and there will be drains coming from the operation site. The drains need to remain but no longer than 24 hours. You will have pain and tightness in the arms. The soreness should ease within the next few days.

Since the Brachiaplasty operation is performed under general anaesthesia, you will need someone to drive you home. Your surgeon will also require you to have a person look after you the following day. Your surgeon may prescribe pain killers, which you can take if needed.

The stitches are removed after about one week. The Arm Lift recovery instructions will most likely require you to be active to prevent leg clots. People generally return to work after approximately two weeks. No exercise is allowed until at least four weeks have passed since the Brachioplasty.

Arm Tuck scars take some time to heal. They may look raised and red at first; this is normal. Remember that scars can take twelve months to mature properly. If you experience any concerns or signs of infection, make sure you contact your surgeon immediately.

Arm Lift Risks

Although generally a safe procedure, there have been some complications recorded for Arm Lifts. These include:

  • Swelling – your arms become very swollen from the operation. This can last for several months.
  • Loss of sensation – you can lose sensation in your arm or arms. However, this is usually temporary. If there is nerve damage from the operation, this can lead to permanent sensation loss.
  • Deep vein thrombosis – this is why the recovery process requires you to keep mobile. You will be monitored throughout the operation to avoid any clots in the legs.
  • Fluid build-up – occasionally, fluid and blood can build up around the operation site. This is relieved through drainage and doesn’t cause any major complications.
  • Infection – if you receive an infection after surgery, you will be treated with antibiotics.
  • Asymmetrical outcome – if the surgeon doesn’t take care, you could end up with uneven arms.
  • Anaesthetic – as with any surgery, you can have an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic.