Cost of Blue Peel

How much does a Blue Peel Cost? Price Information

Price Range: $$ affordable $$$ moderate $$$$ high-priced

Price Indicator: $$$

Cost of Blue Peel: $154 – $1,455

Average Cost: $650

Fees Include: Local anesthetic (if applied)

Cost Variables: The prices vary depending on whether you’re peeling the facial region, back, neck, hands, arms or chest. The depth of the peel is also a relevant factor affecting the price, determined by the number of layers (between one and four applications).

Health Insurance: Being of a cosmetic nature, the blue peel is generally not covered by insurance.

Medicare/Medicaid: Unable to claim.

Hospital Fee: N/A

Facility Fees: N/A

Ask your doctor how many treatments he/she recommends. They may offer a treatment package for multiple sessions.

How Strong Is the Blue Peel?

The concentration of a blue peel is similar to deeper chemical peels and laser treatments. It is a strong application which must be controlled by a dermatologist or doctor. The practitioner can regulate the depth of the peel by altering TCA concentration and controlling the number of layers applied (up to four applications/layers). If you are having more than one layer, the MD may apply local anesthetic.

Is the Blue Peel Safe for Darker Skin?

Stronger chemical and acid peels strip off the surface layers of the skin and are therefore mostly suitable for Caucasian or white skin. The blue peel is a strong TCA peel which can lighten the skin and have other effects on darker skin tones. If you are Asian, Hispanic, African-American or have darker skin, the blue peel may not be appropriate for your skin type. In any event, this peel should only be applied by a qualified dermatologist or doctor, who should be able to advise you of its appropriateness for your darker skin.

How Frequently Can I Have Repeat Blue Peel Treatments?

Following a blue peel, your skin generally takes up to two weeks to finish peeling. After this stage, your skin continues to generate new tissues and cells. It’s recommended that subsequent peels not be carried out until at least four weeks after the last treatment (making it a four week interval procedure).

Can a Blue Peel Treat Freckles?

Yes. Like other TCA chemical peels, the blue peel can be used to lighten freckles on many parts of the body including legs, arms, hands, face, neck, chest and back. The treatment may not completely eliminate freckles however it can certainly make them lighter. You may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired lightening results.

Does the Blue Peel Reverse Sun Damage?

A blue peel can penetrate deep into the skin to strip away dead skin cells and thereby improve photo aging (damage caused by exposure to the sun). Lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage are improved by stripping away thin layers of the skin.

How Long Does Skin Stay Blue after A Blue Peel?

You may read online that the skin retains a bluish tinge for 10-14 days. This is not true. It takes the skin that long to peel, however the blue shading only remains for one to two days following the procedure. The blue shading helps the doctor see how deep the peel is, which makes it a safer method of skin peeling.

What is the Obagi Blue Peel?

The term ‘Obagi Blue Peel’ and ‘Blue Peel’ are synonymous. The name comes from the inventor, Dr Zein Obagi, who has developed various skin health cosmetic and medical products including the Obagi Nu-Derm system. The patented blue peel is an advancement of traditional Trichloroacetic Acid Peels by adding blue glycerine. This enables the doctor to visually see the solution strength and skin coverage. These aspects enhance patient safety.