Cost of Bra Line Back Lift

How much does a Bra Line Back Lift Cost? Price Information

Price Range: $$ affordable $$$ moderate $$$$ high-priced

Price Indicator: $$$

Cost of Bra Line Back Lift: $8,500 – $10,600

Average Cost: $9,350

Fees Included: Surgeon fees, hospital/facility fees, anesthetic, anaesthetist and follow up visits.

Cost Variables: The cost of the surgery will depend on how much excess skin is involved. If being combined with back liposuction to remove back fat and rolls, the costs will increase.

Health Insurance: Since this procedure is elective and cosmetic, it is not covered by insurance plans.

Medicare/Medicaid: Not covered.

Hospital Fee: If the surgery is being performed in a hospital, your quote should include hospital fees.

Facility Fees: If the surgery is being performed in your plastic surgeon’s clinic, your quote should include facility fees.

Ask the clinic for the total cost including all of the above fees.

Is the Bra Line Back Lift for Fat or Skin?

The procedure focuses on tightening back skin. It involves making incisions, cutting out excess skin, pulling the skin back together and using skin glue to close the wound. If there is excess fat, the procedure can be performed in conjunction with liposuction to eliminate back fat. Additional costs are charged for the back liposuction.

Does the Bra Line Back Lift Eliminate Muffin Tops?

Muffin tops is a slang term which refers to overhanging fat on the waist which bugles out when wearing tighter pants, shorts or skirts. This excess fat generally appears on women, but men can also have muffin tops from sagging skin. Such overhanging fat and skin can also develop above the bra line and along the sides of the back, depending on the degree of extra fat and skin. The area of skin tightened during the bra line back lift procedure spans from just under the armpit to your waist. It will not treat muffin tops located on the hips. To eliminate fat around the waist band, you would need to get muffin top liposuction which focuses on eliminating fat in the hip area and lower flank upper hip.

Is the Bra Line Back Lift Suitable for Men?

Yes. Even though men don’t wear bras, men can develop back rolls as a result of aging and weight loss.  The excess skin is more noticeable on women when they wear bras. The bra needs to be tight fitting in order to appropriately hold the breasts, which noticeably shows the bulging skin, especially since many women like to wear tight fitting clothing. This is generally not a problem for men since they don’t wear bras and dress in loose fitting shirts. However, some men may feel self-conscious about drooping skin on their back, which can be improved using the bra line back lift procedure. Unlike women, men won’t be able to hide the scar underneath a bra or bikini.

Bra Line Back Lift After Losing Weight

If you have lost a considerable amount of weight, then your skin may take some time to tighten back up again. However this all depends on your health, age and how long you’ve been overweight. The older you are, the harder it becomes for the skin to naturally tighten. After weight loss, it’s advisable to wait several months before considering any skin tightening surgery. This period gives the skin the opportunity to tighten on its own and also allows you to find a weight that you are comfortable with and able to maintain.

Bra Line Back Lift Alternatives

Once the skin starts loosing laxity, there is little you can do to dramatically tighten its texture. If the problem is surplus fat, you can try some exercises to tone the bra line area. This includes lateral pulldowns, weight lifting and rowing at the gym. You can also try to wear bras with a broader backing or bikinis which have thicker strap. Connecting a larger surface area to the skin provides less opportunity to dig into the fat. You may also like to try non surgical skin tightening methods such as Arasys.