Cost of Dimple Implants

How Much Do Dimple Implants Cost? Price Information

Price Range: $$ affordable $$$ moderate $$$$ high-priced

Price Indicator: $$$

Cost of Dimple Implants: $2,000 per dimple to $5,000 for both cheek dimples

Average Cost: $3,500

Fees Include: surgeon fees, anaesthetic, ice packs

Cost Variables: The prices vary depending on whether you have one or both cheek dimple implants.

Health Insurance: Not covered.

Medicare/Medicaid: Not covered.

Hospital Fee: N/A

Facility Fees: N/A

Ask the clinic for the total cost including follow up visits. Ask if they offer any specials or discounts.

What Are Dimple Implants?

Dimple implants are synonymous to dimple creation surgery. They are not really implants, but rather a plastic surgery technique used to create depressions in your skin in areas of aesthetic importance such as the cheeks and chin.

Should I Get Dimple Implants?

As with any other type of surgery you need to weigh up the costs and benefits. On the plus side, dimple creation is a relatively short and minimally invasive surgery (when compared to other cosmetic procedures such as a face lift). Depending on your outlook and desired results, the procedure can enhance your appearance by making you look sweeter, younger or just add character. In men, the face becomes more defined, giving an attractive sculpted look.

In most cases the dent creation is reversible, which means you’ve only lost out financially if you are not satisfied with the results. On the downside, you are required to take antibiotics and you may end up with an infection (which is rare). There is mild bruising and swelling. If you don’t like your dimples following surgery you’ll be required to fork out more money to have the operation reversed. In the end, dimple implants are personal decision which ultimately comes down to whether you’re happy with your face as it is.

Do Dimple Implants Require a Follow Up Visit?

Most plastic surgeons like to check up on their patients after performing dimple creation surgery. If it’s not practical for you to return to the clinic, follow up can be done over the phone or email since the procedure is relatively minor.

If you are not experiencing any unusual symptoms or undue bruising or swelling, the surgeon may just assume the procedure went well as long as you’re happy with the results. If there are complications such as infection or prolonged pain, then you may be required to return to the clinic for assessment. If you live out of town then you may be advised to consult a local doctor or surgeon.

What Happens After I Get Dimple Implants?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. This means you can drive yourself home or back to work after the surgery. Depending on your type of work, you may need a day or two off since there will be swelling in your cheeks where the dimples are created. The swelling and bruising is mild and typically subsides within a few days. If your work is strenuous or requires a lot of talking (such as a telemarketer) then you may need the time off work. If you have a more sedentary position, then you should not need any sick leave.

The dimples will be noticeable immediately following your procedure. At the outset, the dent remains visible in your cheeks even while you’re not smiling. It will take a couple of days or weeks before the dimple recedes and becomes visible only when you’re smiling. After this period, you should not see any indentation whilst your face is expressionless. However, some techniques can leave a permanent hollow in the skin which is visible regardless of whether you are smiling or not.

Where Are Dimple Implants Positioned?

More women choose to have dimple implants in their cheeks as opposed to men. The popular placement of dimples in men is their chin area. However, some men with existing chin dents complain about difficulties it causes when shaving. This should be a consideration for men prior to surgery.

As for the actual positioning on the cheek area, the desired position is ultimately up to the patient. If you are unsure where to create your dimples, a facial plastic surgeon can offer guidance. Qualified surgeons are specially trained to have a keen aesthetic eye for body contouring and proportionality. Many patients choose to have only one side of their face altered to include a dimple.

How to Find the Best Dimple Implants Surgeon

Dimple Implants is a plastic surgery procedure which requires specialty training and experience. Although any doctor can be a cosmetic surgeon and claim to practice in plastic surgery, invasive surgeries should only be done by a plastic surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To ensure the surgeon is also experienced in cosmetic surgery, find out if they are a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). This procedure does not need to be carried out in hospital.

Be sure to ask your doctor which procedures they specialize in, where they trained and how many treatments they’ve performed. Obtain lots of before and after photos of patients they’ve created implants for in the same area.

Even if a doctor has the right credentials, this does not mean they will be good at creating dimples. An unskilled doctor may create dimples which appear constantly, regardless of whether you’re smiling or not. Apart from researching their formal qualifications and training, try to find customer reviews to see the overall satisfaction rate of your potential doctor. Independent recommendations are invaluable for assessing the best doctor or surgeon who is most experienced in the treatment. Don’t be tempted to opt for the cheapest cost without considering the above factors. A cheap center may not offer the experience you desire. Also, you may wish to consider whether you feel more comfortable with a female or male surgeon.