Cost of Lip Augmentation (Lip Enhancement)

Lip Enhancement Cost

The cost for Lip Enhancement depends on whether you opt for injections or surgery. The cost for injectable fillers ranges between $270 and $850. If you’d prefer the permanent effect of surgery, you can expect to pay around $2,000 to $3,000 for the surgeon fee. This may or may not include anaesthetist and anaesthetic fees, theatre fees and follow up visits. Ask your surgeon which costs are included in their quote.

These prices are a general guide and vary based on which treatment you choose, the material quantity and potency involved and whether you are enhancing the upper lip, lower lip or both. You may be able to claim some of the costs from private health insurance. Medicare does not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures. Ask your surgeon for information about any rebates.

Lip Enhancement Options

There are various ways to go about enhancing your lips. The two main options include surgery and injections. Surgery generally lasts longer than injectable fillers.

Surgical lip enhancement involves three choices which include a lip lift, lift advancement and surgical implants. A lip lift is suitable if the skin between your nose and lip line is excessively long (creating a very thin looking upper lip). Those who have extremely thin lips without a cupids bow may opt for ‘lip advancement’. This procedure is appropriate if a simple increase in volume has no or very little effect. Lip implants are the preferred method of surgically enhancing the lips as the results are more reliable and the operation itself is simpler to perform.

If you would prefer a non-surgical method of lip augmentation, then lip injections may be the choice of treatment. Injectable fillers come in a variety of materials including human, animal-based and synthetic. The results are less permanent but the procedure is not as invasive as surgery.

Lip Enhancement Recovery

The benefit with injectables is that you can resume normal daily activities immediately. With lip augmentation surgery, you may find it difficult to speak, eat or drink at first. Your lips will most likely be numb and swollen at first. Also, if the surgery involves non-dissolvable stitches, you will need to return to the clinic to have the stitches removed after about a week.

Lip Enhancement Risks

The risks associated with lip augmentation largely depend on which treatment you choose. Scarring is one of the side effects which vary greatly among the procedures. Injectable lip augmentation does not leave any scars. Lip implants leave tiny scarring on the corners of the lips which fade over time. On the other hand, lip advancement surgery leaves permanent scars on the lip borders, requiring lip liner to conceal the scars on a daily basis.

The risk of rejection by the body depends on the material used rather than the procedure. For example fat transfer injections and autologous lip implants carry a very low risk of rejection (since the material used comes from your own body). The risk increases where the material is foreign, such as bovine injections and synthetic implants. With fillers, the risk can be reduced by carrying out an allergy test.