Cost of Pec Implants (Pectoral Implants)

Pec Implants Cost

The cost for having Pec Implants is approximately $2,500 to $7,000. These prices are for the surgeon fees alone and generally do not include the anaesthetist fee and anaesthetic, hospital, accommodation and theatre fees or any follow up visits. The cost for male pectoral implants may also be extra. This can range from $300 to $600 per pair. Ask your surgeon which costs are included in their quote.

The above prices are a general guide only and vary based on whether you opt for endoscopic male chest enhancement and the type and size of the chest implants. Some surgeons also combine costs with male breast reduction. You may be able to claim part of the cost from private health insurance. Medicare does not cover costs for cosmetic procedures. Ask your surgeon for information about any rebates.

Pec Implants Surgery

Male chest enhancement takes about one to two hours. The endoscopic technique takes longer than the traditional method. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. Prior to surgery, your surgeon will pick out the appropriate size and shape of pectoral implants to best suit your chest according to your desired outcome.

In theatre, if the surgeon uses the endoscopic technique, a small incision is made in your armpit. The surgeon then uses a thin tube with a camera attached to guide the implant to the right position. Endoscopic surgery requires a smaller incision and does not require the chest skin to be lifted away. Some doctors may not use the endoscopic method, which will then result in a larger incision.

The implant is placed under the pectoral muscle. The surgeon may attach the implant using stitches or simply use the chest muscle to hold the implants in place. Once the implant has been inserted, the wound is stitched back together.

Pec Implants Recovery

You may wake up from surgery with a dressing and/or drainage tubes coming from the wound site. The tubes are removed before you leave the hospital. Your surgeon may require you to wear a compression vest or bandage to reduce the swelling. You will experience pain for about a week after surgery. Surgeons usually prescribe pain killers. Your bruising should subside after about one week. At this stage your stitches can be removed. You should be able to return to normal everyday activities by the second week, however full recovery can take one to two months.

Pec Implants Risks

The risks and complications which can arise from male chest enhancement include:

  • Implant movement – the implant may become displaced. This requires revision surgery and may even necessitate permanent removal of the implant (in extreme cases).
  • Permanent scarring – this is minimal and barely noticeable with the endoscopic technique.
  • Bleeding – this is normal but if it persists contact your surgeon.
  • Accumulation of blood – this should sort itself out.
  • Infection – treated with antibiotics. If the pectoral implants become infected, they may need to be removed. You will need time to heal before replacement implants can be inserted.

Since male pec implants are not filled with liquid (unlike female breast implants) there’s no risk of the implants rupturing or leaking.